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Annotated bibliography assignment due April 19, after Spring Break

Today each group presented their hypothesis and received generous feedback from the class — thanks for contributing, everyone. The annotated bibliography group assignment is due by the start of class on Wednesday, April 19. Get in touch with questions early – do NOT wait until the night before it is due! As your group’s research continues, you may find the New York City Research Guide useful. You may also want to search the Brooklyn Eagle and the New York Public Library’s Digital Collections to find additional primary sources to include in the annotated bibliography.  Over the break you may have time to continue your research in the Brooklyn Collection, the New York Public Library, or the New-York Historical Society — in person, rather than solely online.

Don’t forget – on Thursday, April 20, classes run on a MONDAY SCHEDULE. This means we meet Wednesday, April 19 and Thursday, April 20.

Enjoy break, everyone!