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Blog I / Orlando J. Ramos


One of the reasons I decided to take this class was because of my genuine curiosity to learn about places and the culture within them. Its one of the things that drives my passion for traveling. Within the last few weeks I’ve been able to learn more in depth about both Dumbo and Vinegar Hill, its history, the community as well as its past and present, how it all came to be. Ive  learned that Architecture definitely has a hand in how people within a community interact with each other and how it drives it. History tells us that in cases like Vinegar Hill, political decisions, zoning laws, architecture and striving for a change, are reasons enough to make or break a neighborhood. Fortunately people also have a hand in this, through art, food, and other means of leisure and self expression, they have been able to create a sense of community and belonging, giving life to some of the most forgotten neighborhoods within NYC. Dumbo was a subject, will Vinegar Hill follow through?