Breaking Ground for More Homes

By Lana Belopukhova, April 3, 2017 / Comments 150

Breaking ground for more homes, Brooklyn, NY, US. Sep. 8, 1949. “Eagle Staff photo.”

This photo represents all Dignitaries with shovels at the foundation laying ceremony for the construction of a residential house near the Brooklyn Naval Court.  “Breaking Ground for More Homes”: at ceremonies in a downpour at the corner of Gold and Prospect St., officials dig silver shovels into the soil to mark the beginning of construction of Farragut Houses, new low-rent housing project. We can see from left to right are: Borough President Cashmore, Mayor O’Dwyer, State Housing Commissioner Herman T. Stichman, City Construction Co-Ordinator Robert Moses and Thomas F. Farrell, chairman of the City Housing Authority.

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