Pedro Torres Spring 2017 Blog Post #2

I found this article that was written by The Brooklyn Daily Eagle on September 1, 1949. The article is about the Farragut Housing Low Income housing. I find it interesting that 15 million dollars was placed on this “Boro Project”. Although it seems like a huge investment I wonder who was for the benefit for? The residents? Brooklyn? The government? No one? I remember in class we saw a documentary of similar low income housing in Tennessee I believe. I remember that housing failed and was demolished at the end. Having that in mind If the low income housing didn’t work then why make more. Sure the low income housing provides people with needs with a home for a low amount. In the article it states that the estimated price for every room would be about $8.82. It makes me wonder if the low income housing are the reason it degrades or prevents the development of Vinegar Hill, I will continue to research and look to see in other neighborhoods, and cities if having a low income housing affects in the community in both positive and negative ways.

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