Pedro Torres Blog Post 3/7/17

link to image

Topic : Preservation & Development

Theme : Vinegar Hill / Brooklyn Navy Yard History

Purpose : The purpose I decided to blog about the Brooklyn Navy Yard image because I believe that the opening / closing of BNY is the reason as to why Vinegar hill has been developed the way it is. I wanted to see an early image of the BNY and compare it to how it is now if possible. if I were to compare my visits to vinegar hill I can see the big difference of the development that Vinegar Hill has gone through. I say that because vinegar hill is not a rural area that has animal roaming around. If I were to compare vinegar hill to neighborhoods in Manhattan or even to its neighbor DUMBO I would say that Vinegar hill hasn’t really been developed to the rate that other surrounding neighborhoods have gone through. I want to find the urban planner (developer) reasons to understand the reasons or to see how he envisioned Vinegar Hill. I would look to see if there are any records of the legal documents for the developments of Vinegar Hill.

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