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Process documentation

The process above is how to install and format a new hard drive. I had to do this a couple times in the past and I like how this video shows the steps and it is very hands on. The only requirements are a basic windows computer a new unformatted hard drive and a couple of wires for the hard drive (Sata, Power Cables). He repeats the fact that you need to have the cables and space in the case to fit the hard drive. He keeps it short and to the point just a basic formatting and install no extra settings such as Raid ( combining two hard drive) so to not confuse computer novices. I have used this install video as a baseline for a lot of hard drive installations and I would recommend using it too if you ever need to install one on your own.

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Process documentation

My example for process documentation is on a camera instruction manuale. The first few pages are on the initial preparations; things like attaching the strap, lens cap, and charging the battery. It has easy to follow instructions along with pictured numbered steps. The language is really basic and easily understandable. Then the manual gives you a rough introduction on all the properties using a vocabulary that would only be familiar to some one who has previous experience working with cameras, for example words like¬† ISO speed, and HDMI terminal. To someone who isn’t up to date with technology or technology friendly this could cause some complications, and thus research would have to be done on their part. The manual has to be read thoroughly in order to fully comprehend and grasp the functions of the camera as a whole. Usually this isn’t the case for most camera users, they have some experience and tend to figure the properties out on their own, like me. Overall it gives a pretty good¬†detailed overview on how the camera works, it is up to the camera user to read all of it and take time applying what he has read to the camera.

~Ricardo Martinez

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Process Documentation

This video describes how to fix the unreadable disc error for your xbox 360, the original white one. I had this problem in the past and fixed it watching a similar video. He tells you about the main issue of the magnet not holding the disc in place resulting in a grinding noise. This was the same issue I had and by super gluing it in place i was able to fix my xbox. What he doesn’t say in the video is how to open your xbox to access the disc drive. You would need a torx 10 screwdriver to open your xbox. He also doesn’t inform you that by opening your xbox you terminate the warranty. My xbox broke again after I “fixed” it, and I bought a new one anyway.

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Process Documentation

I have the rules for the game known as Cranium. The rules say the game can be played by up to four adults. There is a image of the layout of the Cranium board, along with the cards, the die, the timer, the Cranium clay and the notepad. The colors blue, red, green and yellow are four designated areas of the board. The card holders are in colors, corresponding to the color area. The board itself can shrink to accomadate a quick or mid-sized game. The goal is to be a part of the first team to get around the board to Cranium Central, and complete the final activity to win the game.The rules speak up fot the entire game, hands down.

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process documentation.


This is a video I used earlier this year in my statistic class. It shows the user step by step how to use a formula to calculate a Z-score.  A z-score calculate how far a number is from what is considered the average deviation.   The gentleman in this video describes what each part of the formula represents, how to calculate it and also how to interpret the results of the calculation.  I think he did a great job simplifying the formula. Although there are other parts to the entire process, the video shows exactly what it promises.  The only thing I would change is to show how he arrived to the mean and standard deviation before implementing the formula, but he went on the assumption that those values were given, which is ok.



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Process Documentation

What is process documentation? How do you know if its process documentation? If something is saying that this is the plan and this is how it is going to work, we call it process documentation. Any information that we build, distribute, or use for different purposes are all part of process documentation. I pick our class syllabus. It has all the information about what we are going to do in this class, how it’s going to work, what is the goal of this class, and how the grades will be given everything is clear. Since it’s giving me all the information which I need to know for this class, I relate it to process documentation.

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Process Documentation

This process document illustrates the flow of penalty payments for a particular organization.  This is a thorough explanation of the various situations that could occur and what the final result should be for each individual situation.  If a new employee were to walk into this office they would be able to effectively communicate correct answers to customers based on the information located in this flow chart.  The creator of this chart obviously had the ease of transition for a new employee into this position in mind.  This process alleviates both the burden and cost of training a new employee for a particular line of work.


Jessica Bilikiewicz

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A process of Documentation is used by a person for a better understanding of the process required in order to achieve a goal.  For my example, I choose a video that  most men does not know how to properly do. And that is non other than to make the perfect tie. First, choose and take a tie. Then, pick up the wide end  to the left hand and the narrow end to the right. Later on, if you folow the steps on the video correctly, it should be in a form of a triangle. Once you get  that shape and pull the wide end through, take that wide end of the tie and  insert it inside the loop triangle (at the front). Make sure everything is straight and there you have it. This video in my opinion is very helpful because it saved me a lot of my time and easy to learn. Its process of documentation was very straight to the point and showed me the basic thing I needed to know. Although, it would be a lot nicer if the video was recorded professionally (higher quality). But over all, it was okay.

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Process Documentation

Most of us never realized it but any information that we create, publish, or used for our own purposes were all part of process documentation. Even this post can be considered part of the process as well. Since the beginning of time, we humans discover many new things and incorporate them into our everyday lives.  Even learning from each other can be an example. So why do we preserve the information we gathered? The answer is simple. So that future generations can pick up where we left off and either improve our original work or create a better alternative version. No matter how we look at it, all of us have our very own process documentation.

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