Notes from today, and moving forward to the online documentation project

Today we reviewed some of your process documentation critiques that you blogged about for today. Then you paired up to map out a process documentation using,, or storyboardthat. Slides for today are available here.

On Tuesday we’ll discuss the group online documentation project. By the end of class we will have accomplished the following:

1.  review project guidelines
2.  form groups
3.  groups brainstorm project ideas & report to me
The final version of your research paper is due Thursday, May 9 by 2:30 pm; if you have questions, don’t wait until Wednesday night!

From May 9 – May 16 the class will meet in A540, the large e-classroom on the 5th floor of the library. Groups will use class time to work on the online documentation project.

~Prof. L.

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