Journal post 1

What difficulties (if any) have you encountered as you work on your research proposal?

So far I have only had two major issues. The first being which topic should I write about, I was torn between copyright laws, privacy and intellectual property. All three of these subjects are fascinating to me and I would not mind fact finding in order to write a good research paper. The second issue I came across was; how can I narrow down the subject I had chosen? This to me was the most challenging aspect of the assignment. There were so many different avenues that could be taken that it became frustrating.

What strategies (if any) have you used successfully during this work?

As far as choosing what my topic should be, I simply choose the one that had the most profound impact on my life (privacy). Another thing that really helped was the feedback that I received from Prof. Leonard. I was able to really pin point my topic to exactly what it will be.

What questions (if any) do you have about the assignment?

So far no questions about this assignment.

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