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Chapter 3 of Badke was quite an enlightening read, as I finished the first few subsections I thought about how much I really agreed with him. Every time I search for something in a database it would give me an unreadable amount of sources that may or may not have any use to me. I loved his analogy for keyword searching the “friend” that you can only trust to a certain point because they can also hurt you depending on what information you give them. This is most definitely the same as keywords because if you type the wrong keyword or word it differently sometimes you can get a lot of information that has no use to you and other times the different wording can help you a lot personally I feel this is a trial and error process. By using synonyms for different words can also help you to keep your search centered around one topic but across 2  separate words. also the difference between the search terms are very different when compared to Google when I use or and “and” in a search on Google sometimes I don’t get anything that I was expecting but with a database it seems to work better even if Google is technically a “Database”.

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  1. Madi says:

    I agree, the databases give you much more relevant information in comparison to google. However, the information found in databases usually require sometime of payment to access the information. Though the databases give more relevant information i would stick to google or one of the other commonly known search engines. You just have to evaluate each article for credibility, and reliability. The majority of articles found on google and other similar search engines doesn’t require that you pay at all. You just have to try different keywords and see which one gives the best results, or you can simply try another search engine.

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