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The start of chapter 2 attempts to make writing a research paper seem easier but I feel it does not help much with this while it does simplify and break it down for us which does help. The second sub section helps to realize the difference between being dedicated and just wanting to finish it. There are many ways to  get “though” and assignment and stressing/ and or rushing though it is not the right direction. I feel that Badke is trying to help us to understand the steps in order to write a good research paper and how to do it properly. Also that a research paper has to help solve a problem not retell a story that is related to one. This chapter has really made me realize all of the thought that goes into a research paper is not what you have learned from your sources but how you put together the different sources to create logical hypothesis and or a answer to your question stated in the proposal.

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  1. I agree with what you wrote about “a research paper has to help solve a problem not retell a story…” I think this explains and reminds us that a research paper shouldn’t be rephrasing all the information we gathered and making it look and sound coherent. It’s about being researchers, detectives, and in a sense, journalists to find or attempt to find an answer to the question. In order to help us get started in writing a research paper, Badke also suggests starting with a question instead of a thesis statement. A question lets us be the researchers and write a successful research paper, while a thesis statement will only force us to rephrase the information we find to support our original argument.

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