Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

In Agostini’s articles, he discusses the importance of knowing how the search engine works to optimize the brand you or a company is trying to sell. Since not everyone searches for a company name or product exactly the same way, there are many spelling variations of the same company or product which can generate different search results. Agostini suggests, considering if people would search your brand in the same ways across different countries and languages. By pretending to be the average online searcher, you can decide how you want to word your company or product description. This will help your company or product appear within the first several search results and in return can help improve your sales not only locally but now internationally.

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One Response to Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

  1. Jessica says:

    I agree completely with this post. With all of the digital outlets available today the vast majority of people go to their computers or phones to access information. Very few people will go to an analog source to access a company. Due to this it is important for a company to brand themselves in such way that consumers will be able to easily locate them on the web. I know from experience that if I am looking for something and it is to one of the first hits on my search engine I will usually choose another option. The importance of technology and search engine optimization needs to be a part of every companies marketing plan in order to stay competitive in this age.

    Jessica Bilikiewicz

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