Copyright Reflection

Copyright is necessary in todays society, it promotes creativity by allowing others to think off of work that has already been created. Without copyright laws put into place it will discourage artists and entrepanours from creating new works knowing they might be victimized by someone taking credit for what they did originally.  But as I contradict myself, copyright in a way hurts creativity if permission isn’t granted. For an example, in todays modern society we have producers who make beats and they sample from artists from previous generations and they use their works of art and combine it with theirs; and they create music that become hits. Copyright through the years has been some what controversial in terms of the timespan of its use. I personally feel plus 70 years after death is non-benefitical to the creator of the work, because you’ll have to think who’s going to be benefiting from the copyrighted material if the owner is dead?

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