blog post for 2/21

Copyright Laws are always going to limit what we as people and artists can do. As stated in the video “copyright: Forever less one day” copyrights started as long ago as 1710 so the world should be familiar  and yet people are charged with fines for copyright infringement every day. these laws only prohibit creative ideas from spreading considering using parts of a video or song only helps its popularity sometimes even when money is not being made using some persons copyrighted work they will still have it taken down regardless of the other work put into the piece. while I think that this really depends on the artist and the ones who are sponsoring their work this is extremely damaging to our progress as creative individuals while if we are putting together other peoples work with maybe our own or someone else’s it is still a creative thought and should be treated as such. Larry Lessig explained the situation with the farmer complaining about the air planes flying over his farm and working up his chickens. I thought about this because they talk about is it really trespassing or does it not count since it is over the farm. I was surprised that they ruled it as not because of “common sense” this has probably not been a claim in a courtroom for many years since then. Civilization could go back and forth all day to try and figure out the truth about copyright laws and land ownership but I feel it is best to try and stay away from it because it only causes trouble.

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