Web 2.0 Wikipedia

Web 2.0 is becoming the norm. Web 2.0 allows users to contribute to the website, whereas web 1.0 is just text. Web 2.0 gives users a level of responsibility. For instance wikipedia is a well known, if not the most known web 2.0 site. Its an online encyclopedia with information ┬áprovided from online users, not commercial companies. All of its information comes from people like you and me who happen to use the site. People who contribute to the information are known as “editors.” The downside to wikipedia is there are also people who ┬ácontribute ill-advised information. Many times people vandalize pages just for fun, these vandalisms are fixed in a matter of minutes. However there’s nothing stopping anyone from vandalizing pages. Also pages are being deleted without a second thought because a few people find the information useless, but whats useless to some can be a treasure to others. The use of data and statistics allows you to make better decisions according to Lohr. This is true, in the case of google search there’s a mathematic formula that puts pages in a certain order of relevance. Instead of randomizing it and allowing you to decide, it gives you the “better” pages first. Social media helps companies sell their product more efficiently by gaining feedback on their merchandise directly from consumers. The feedback also helps people decide which product is a better purchase.

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