Magazine and Zine

In this reading, Fred Wright touches a brief history of zines and survey and analyzes some of their common characteristics. The word “zine” comes from English language word magazine, which itself comes from Arabian word “makhazin” the plural of “makhzan”, meaning storehouse. Zine is self-published periodicals with small press run. Larry bob says, zine is different from magazine. Magazines are produced for money but zines are uncorrupted by money. It is produced for purer and personal reason. Like zines, Fanzines, that are Fan magazines, science fiction literature, were produced for personal and not financial reasons. This significance of “fan magazine” distinguished the publications produced by fans from the “professional newsstand magazines” such as Amazing Stories and Weird Tales, which were referred to as “prozines”—professional magazines. In last, it is certain that most zine publishers were readers of fanzines or other zines before they started their own zines.

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