Blog 3- Digital Media and its New Target Audience

The excerpt titled “Producers of Digital Media” made me realize that with so many program-softwares available and with the easy access of the internet, anyone can be a producer of digital media. Many fans produce their own content or alternative to their favorite films or topics and if their production was of high quality they can potentially attract an audience. The only problem with everyone being able to produce their own content is that all productions get thrown into one website, like Youtube for instance. There is no clear organization of contents and it becomes harder to find or view a particular search.  This is why anyone that produces a content, such as a video, is encouraged to provide tags that relate specifically to what they have produced. By providing tags anyone who is interested in finding more about a topic, let’s say something you happened to produce content for, can easily find you’re production and your time spent on making that content wouldn’t have been in vain.

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