Producers of Digital Media

In the reading, Producer of Digital Media by Pavlik, Pavlik tells us how many users of Facebook, YouTube and other social networking have taken it to the next level. What do I mean by that? Users of these social networking are now putting up there music, videos, and films hoping to become famous or to just simply get noticed. Which brings us to the article, Love for Label by Serona about how she argues about how it is necessary to have music producers. Many music producers do find there next top star through the social networking and then other times its mostly a useless post. Another point Pavlik made was how people were putting their videos, films, pictures and etc. on the web directly from their cellphones. Which brings us to the second article A Digital Music Option Thrives, Though Quietly by Sisario which explained to us how through the cell phones mainly emphasized in Cricket you can get a monthly charge and pay it cash monthly and have Internet and “Muve” which is a music app that allows you to download unlimited music for just $10 a month. With this easy and affordable way of cell phones people are more likely like Pavlik said to put up there own films, videos and etc. on the net looking for a future. So as Cricket is making it easy and affordable for them are the music producers that Serona defends making it possible for them or is it like Pavlik says “of somewhat less value”.

– Alae Mito

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