Pavlik, Media in the Digital Age

The subtitle of Pavlik’s article reads: “New Technology and the Media:An Uneasy Alliance”. That leads me to think that technology and media have to constantly catch up to each other, through many advancing changes. It must be difficult, because it is ongoing on a timely basis. Pavlik says “industries devote a considerably higher percentage of their operating budget to research”- how else would industries be able to function and prosper without research… that makes sense. Virtual newsrooms serve a clever purpose in my opinion. Weblogs- I just knew them as blogs and posts initially. Pavlik says that “speed and currency often take precedence over accuracy, fact checking and multiple sourcing”. I apply that to when Paul Ryan was running for Vice President last year, some his claims were not being fact-checked, I was told. Ryan could have lied about statistics from U.S. data.

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