Notes from today (1/31) and reading/blogging assignments for Tuesday, February 5

Today we discussed the history of media and viewed the timeline of information history. Our discussion of the Badke readings in class, as well as your blog posts, was wide-ranging; we touched on many issues that we’ll cover in great detail soon, such as copyright, gatekeeping, and print vs. e-books. Next time we’ll form and schedule discussion groups to lead discussions later on in the semester; see the discussion guidelines for more information.

On Tuesday 2/5 we will discuss digital text, online versions of print media, and “born digital” content. Please read Pavlik pp. 1-8, and Mod, “Post-artifact books and publishing.” The Pavlik reading was distributed in class; if you missed class and did not get a copy you’ll need to get the book on reserve in the library; the call number is HM851 .P38 2008. Your blogging assignment is one reading response blog post of at least 100 words. Refer to the blogging guidelines or ask me if you have questions.

Enjoy the weekend!

~Prof. Leonard

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