Ch.1 and Ch. 8, and the Preface

Ch.1:  It makes sense that information “informs”; inform is the root word. Relevant and current are synonyms meaning up-to-date.  I did not know gatekeeping still exists. It should not exist because it prohibits important information from being accessed by people who seek it. The World Wide Web definitely altered the way people locate information. It is stunning how similar e-paper is to actual looseleaf paper.

Ch.8: I am getting acquainted with the terms “connoisseur” and “glutton”. The term “escapist fiction” makes sense for otherworldly settings.  Badke said “Be ruthless” on page 175; of course, when it comes to information that is needed. I will think twice about paraphrasing now, because Badke says there is a risk of plagiarism, on page 190.

Preface: “Queasy” is a new word to me.

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