The Incredible Wikipedia

The guys who invented Wikipedia couldn’t possibly have¬†fathom at the time how big it was going to be . But Wikipedia was so well received from the get go and it exploded with the public. It gave everybody a chance to share their knowledge and be heard. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to experience¬†Wikipedia¬†during it’s inception. The information was probably more trustworthy back then since it was mostly highly educated people who had extensive knowledge on a subject who were contributing. But then regular people ¬†also caught on to it’s charm. I use Wikipedia daily and it’s incredible how you can start searching for something and by the time you’ve finished reading you realize you’ve ended up on a completely different page reading about a completely different subject. One of the great things about it is that it’s kind of a ¬†big extensive network of information. You’re able to link up articles that are similar or that support the information on the article. It’s a great way to have more common knowledge on a subject but at the same time it shouldn’t be taken to heart although there seems to be a system in place to try to control the vandalism. Most Wikipedia entries have sources linked up with the article so we know where the information was found and one should consult those sources as well if they’re more interested in having an extensive knowledge ¬†on that subject. It’s always good to consult different sources and have different viewpoints to fully understand the content.

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