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Access to Baker’s article, “How I fell in love with Wikipedia”

The Nicholson Baker article about Wikipedia appeared under a slightly different title in the Guardian in April 2008, and persists on its website, so anyone who felt deprived of Monday’s full experience can read it here. Many thanks to Prof. … Continue reading

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So you use Wiki huh?

Wikipedia. What comes to your mind as soon as you hear that word? A wonderful place to find out all the information you need on any topic you must know of. Better yet, a place where you can add your … Continue reading

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I have known Wikipedia since I was in Jr. High School and haven’t used it much. When I started high school all my English teachers would say avoid Wikipedia because of its unreliable sources. And up to this day i … Continue reading

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The charms of wikipedia

Wikipedia has been around for many years and it has been used immensely. This source gives us access to basically any information your looking for. But is it really a charm? How can we be so sure that the information … Continue reading

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Wikipedia In My Eyes

Wikipedia and others alike has grown enormously over the years. There’s so much information on Wikipedia that it’s insane. But the problem with that is that with Wikipedia, anyone can edit and add false information can either entertain some and … Continue reading

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Wikipedia and Social Networking

Let’s face it: we’ve all gone to Wikipedia to search for a subject of interest at some point in our lives. It’s easy to access from any computer with an Internet connection and people who are knowledgeable in certain topics … Continue reading

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charms of wikipedia

The charms about wikipedia, it is like the batman and riddler dual. In many cases the ┬ábatman is going to fall asleep, get tired, or give up entirely. Until the journey is saved by precise planning and strategic editing the … Continue reading

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