As college students, now equipped with necessary tools to put our assignments and our lives into some organized manner. We are still in a quandary as to the first step. It is no big discovery that we now live in a time when information is as ubiquitous and is comparable to some of the deities that so many of us believe in. It is somewhat impossible to think of the lengths our predecessors¬† went through to to give us a wealth of knowledge “old school” as compared to just typing into a search window.

In the future, would these new geniuses enjoy the timeless acclamation that Leonardo Da Vinci, Roddenberry, Michelangelo and Plato to name just a few now enjoy? I honestly think so. As graduates of a tertiary education our skills would be utilized in many different ways. perhaps through presentations on the job, researching and authoring proposals, are just two important possibilities. On a more personal note this resource has thought me to be more effective and constructive in argumentative discussions with my peers. So I welcome a future ripe with information. There is no resistance from me in which direction it takes, “infobesity” can only make us smarter per capita as we evolve progressively as a people.

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