About next week, and a prompt for your final blog post

Next week we officially meet on Monday, May 14 only. Classes are cancelled on Wednesday, May 16 for Reading Day, but the library’s e-classroom will be open for groups to meet and work together.

Presentations will take place on Monday, May 21 and Wednesday, May 23 in the library’s e-classroom, A540. Groups will present in the following order:
Monday, May 21:
Gerard, Jamielee, Erika
Carlton, Matthew, Michael M.
Itohan, Anthony C., Liza
Suly, Everardo, Michael B.

Wednesday, May 23:
Ian, Steven, Darren
Ibn, Michael F.
Kiara, David, Anthony J.

If your group wishes to rehearse your presentation using the library’s e-classroom, please get in touch so we can schedule a time and date that works for everyone.

For Monday, May 14 please write one final 100-word blog post responding to this prompt:

What do you see as the future of information? What challenges and opportunities will this future bring? How do you see yourself continuing to use information in the future, in college, in life, at work?

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