As you work on the Online Documentation project…

As you and the other members of your group continue to work on the Online Documentation project, let me know if you have any questions about the assignment or encounter any issues setting up your projects on the OpenLab. The OpenLab team offers technical assistance; please contact them with technical issues.

Class attendance during our in-class work sessions is crucial! If you have a personal emergency and have to miss class or be late, please let me and the other members of your group know ahead of time if possible. You probably want to swap email addresses & phone numbers with the members of your group and agree how to divide up the work so that you can all work independently and contribute to the project outside of class time.

On Wednesday, we’ll determine the order of presentations. Four groups will present on Monday, May 21 and three on Wednesday, May 23.

Good luck, everyone!
~Prof. L

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