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Knitting. Every non-knitter that I’ve come across thinks I’m a magician of some sort whenever they see me knitting while traveling. Admittedly, I kinda get a kick every time people look at me like I’m David Blaine or something because knitting isn’t that hard. Really.

Below is a critique on Lion Brand’s how-to-knit instruction. Lion Brand is an old, time-tested yarn company that is still up and running (they have lovely yarns. Check out their yarn studio near Union Square!) and their website provides instructions on how to knit and crochet. I’ll be focusing on knitting since I learned how to knit first.

The website now provides a video on how to knit but they do have an illustrated tutorial: Lion Brand How to Knit Video

The video requires a person to know how to make a slipknot, which I found to be very inconvenient because from personal experience, everyone I’ve taught to knit had no idea how to make a slipknot with yarn. I wish Lion Brand would actually show how to make a slipknot but that could be easily remedied by searching for how to knit videos on Youtube. Most of them actually demonstrate it from the very beginning. 

Here’s a link to the illustrated tutorial: Lion Brand How to Knit 

I like this tutorial better than the video because it really starts off with an inexperienced knitter in mind. The instructions are very easy to follow and illustrated quite nicely (it might take a person a few tries – no worries, all knitters started out the same way!) if the written instructions are tough to follow. It also familiarizes the learner with the knitting jargon used, since the whole instruction set goes beyond the basics: it actually teaches you how to finish a knitted project!

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