As this semester flies by in addition to continuing this research essay, I feel that I have learned a lot. Not just how to properly research, but time management when it comes to researching, media and what it has become, and much more. I think this class also helped up think about what’s really going on in our daily lives and what groups or individuals can and are affecting us if we know it or not. And from that, we can develop questions that you and I would have never thought of until many years later. Subsequently to my thinking, I’ve been able to locate information within my sources to better support my paper and hopefully all goes well by the end of it all. I will definitely take what I have learned from this class and expand on my abilities and knowledge for the years to come.

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4 Responses to realizations

  1. Suly Paredes says:

    I agree on learning much more in this class, and also, it is some what difficult to be organized once the sources are found. Every source I have has every piece of information I need, yet my organization and wording seems to be either out of place, or just sounds wrong in the sentence. I also realized that reseaching is not as easy as people make it to be. The media surely has made reaserching much more easy, but not every source can be found.

  2. matty65 says:

    Realizations, boy that says a mouthful in itself. I realized that gathering information to answer a question is challenging to say the least. It’s not just gathering a laundry list of facts and organizing them into a report. There is a fair amount of logical thinking that is involved. You sort of have to follow the breadcrumbs to where ever they led you. In some cases, as in mine, the crumbs don’t led to the intended conclusion. This realization forced me to do far more research than I ever thought I would have to in order to be confident that my conclusion was an accurate one. This was a very enlighten experience.

  3. I agree, this class has definitely been an eye opener for me, and probably for others in this class. Before this class, I had multiple research papers and finding the proper information was always a hassle. I also agree on the trouble of remaining organized after finding sources. It’s only because after the finding all those sources, then poses the challenge of finding the one that works best with the question that needs answers. The media, nonetheless, does indeed make research a lot easier, because it channels onto the exact information one went out seeking. Overall, this class is definitely an opportunity for those willing to take it.

  4. Michael.M says:

    I am with you on this one because I feel I also learned that I have so many different questions when it comes to using sources to find out the validity of something and I can do so now. I will also be able to put to use the many different search engines at my disposal.

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