Badke Appendix 1

Once my research question came to mind, the hardest thing to begin is an outline. Writing a few scribbles and jotting down a few ideas and personal knowledge related to my question did not make the outline come about, it only made a bunch of ideas get jotted down. In the High School years, I usually wrote my research paper first and went along with an outline. Realizing how unorganized my paper came about, I noticed that an outline at the beginning would have made the paper much easier. Even if I have my ideas jotted down, my organization was the next thing to do. While I was organizing my outline, the order seemed to be fine, but when I wrote the paper, the outline did not make sense. To me, the relation between an outline and the actual paper has to be on point!

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  1. evortega says:

    It’s true that an outline is suppose to help you write your paper, however, the reason why some people find it unhelpful is because everyone has a different writing style. The purpose of an outline is to help you focus on what to write about next. Sometime I like doing my paper without an outline because I can just throw in my ideas. But then after rereading it, my paper would look out of focus. I remember in high school I wrote 2 research papers and the first one I wrote was without an outline. When my teacher handed it back graded, she commented on it that it was disorganized. The second paper I handed in was with an outline and I followed the outline and my essay was organized unlike the first one. So through what I have been through, an outline does really help.

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