Notes from today, and reading/blogging for Monday, March 26

Today we got a late start because of the mysterious fire alarm, and in the time remaining discussed advanced internet searching and specialized search engines for scholarly content, such as Google Scholar, CiteSeer, Scirus, and Microsoft Academic. I hope you all found at least a few potentially useful scholarly sources during your searches in class today. Slides from today are available here.

On Monday we’ll discuss searching (& finding!) in library catalogs. Read Badke Ch. 5 pp. 71-76 (3rd edition), and review the Library of Congress Classification Outline. Remember that your annotated bibliography is due on Wednesday, 3/28; please get in touch with questions as they arise. There are many examples of annotated bibliographies out on the internet: a few of my favorites are from the OWL and the City Tech library.

For Monday, please write one research journal blog post in which you address the following:

•In class on Wednesday you tried out advanced search strategies and scholarly internet resources from the Badke reading to search for sources on your research topic.
•Describe 1 advanced strategy or scholarly resource you used.
•Did you find different information sources than you found doing a regular internet search (just using Google, Yahoo, etc.), and if so, how are they different?
•Did you encounter any difficulties that you haven’t encountered in a regular internet search?
~Prof. Leonard
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