Developing a good question

I decided that I would write my research paper on cyber bullying. It’s a topic which, besides the recent headlines, ” Rutgers student…committed suicide after sex video went viral”, I knew very little about but it does encompass digital media and social networking. In following Badke’s advice, I familiarized myself with the subject. Wikpedia, of course, was my “goto” guy for this task. I understand that Wikpedia is and it’s content is open to anyone and thus it’s content has the potential to be inaccurate. I simply use Wikpedia as a tool to point me in the right direction. I made good use of the Wikpedia reference section. As I delved deeper into this topic, much of the data suggest that there is a distinct difference between cyber bullying and traditional bulling both in application and effect. It is in this area that I would like to focus my research. Possible questions are: Is cyber bulling more detrimental then traditional bullying?, Why is cyber bulling more damaging than traditional bullying? Has social networking created a new, more dangerous school yard? Feedback is more than welcome!

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  1. Anne Leonard says:

    The verdict in the Rutgers case was determined last week, so you will probably find a lot of recent information about cyberbullying, invasion of privacy, hate crimes/bias intimidation, and the role of social media. ~Prof. L.

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