Two Scoops of Social Media Please

Today it has been so easy to voice your opinion and share what you feel to the world.  In the video, Social Media in Plain English, the town of Scoopsville was always known for their ice cream, this represents the big buisness.  However a new invention comes by where people can now start making their own ice cream.  They can make ice cream out of whatever they want (podcasts, blogs, videocasts, etc.).  Some flavors were more popular thhan others, but the ones that were different still had a small following.  The big buisness still had their loyal followers, while small groups began to spread the word about their new ice cream.  Some may become so popular that they might open their own ice cream shop.  The video also shows some people with a sign asking people to rate their ice cream with description, rating and comments.  If it were a blog, that would equal to tags, averages and comments on how the person wrote.

So as you can see social media is a lot like making your own ice cream.  You can make your own blogs and podcasts to voice your opinion and be open to any comments given, they could even make your ice cream taste a little bit better.

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