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From the past times to the times of today, people used to either write mail, call up each others phone, or just go visit one another, just to conversate on a certain topic, and now do it ever so differently. From the time we spent writing letters, or dialing phone dials, or even taking the time to go travel to the next destination just to read or hear the other persons insights on a certain topic, really has changed dramatically.

The Social Media & Networking world really became the “slackers” favorite thing ever, only because with social media, people can instantly speak their minds as well as promote themselves. With social networking, they can easily find an old friend/relative without having to move their entire body. I think that the more advanced the social media becomes, the lazier people get. It becomes unhealthy to the point where people are stiffed and don’t get enough exercise done. I prefer to go out and meet up with someone to hang out with, rather than to use my fingers and blog my thoughts away and let a big discussion come to play. The only advantage I can see with social networking is where a conversation does not get ruined by the weather, but only with the disruption of the social media. With everyone trying to get recognized for their ideas and discoveries, who will be the one to pick them out from the crowd and notice them individually? To each is own, but definitely nto for me.

I’m not a big fan of social networking, but if I had to spread an idea or quick random thought to the public, it would definitely be the quickest way to do it through a social network. For the moment!

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