Warp Speed Scotty!

The web may not be the final frontier but it’s certainly our frontier. None of us will probably never step foot on another planet, devise a new way to split the atom or, discover the first dilithium crystal but we can all explore and interact in the deep recesses of the world wide web. From our desktops, laptops and tablets we beam down our thoughts, opinions, and preferences onto the surface of planet 2.0. There we encounter countless other beings, new friends and old in vast social media networks. We gather and exchange information through wikis and blogs. We create, compose and, distribute, for our own satisfaction as well as for others to enjoy, that which interest us. Ever changing, constantly advancing planet 2.0 captivates us all. resistance is futile. It is uncertain what 2.0 will evolve into during our life time but it is certain to evolve. Set your phaser on stun, keep your shields up and enjoy the adventure….engage!

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  1. ragoo8111 says:

    Absolutely 2.0 is well on its way to making this world a smaller place. I wonder when will we be able to include lifeforms from other worlds in our lists of friends on facebook or other social networks . Would it be 4.0? I can still remember as a child having penpal friends in Russia, Nigeria ,Usa, Canada and Egypt. A letter took at least three to six weeks to recieve a reply. Then the world was really a big place , now a response can be instant. The Tsunami in Japan is a perfect example video was being uploaded as it happened. So the idea of having Vulcans , Klingons or Forenghies in my list of friends is not so farfetched . As we boldly go where no man has gone……..

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