According to the video, Blogs in Plain English, anyone can be a blogger. they can blog about their interest or whatever they want like writing into a diary. In the video Wikis in Plain English, it explains how just about anything that is typed in wikis can be altered with the simple option of just edit and save. It is also a good way to stay organized between multiple conversations.

In the book, Media in the Digital Age, Palvik states that mobiles and handheld devices allow journalist to obtain information easier and can take as much time as they want. Journalists are almost like bloggers. With the technology they have, they can get directions with their GPS and find their way out through unknown places fast and easy. Technology now is very important and can help us in our everyday lives.


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  1. Indeed, I do believe that wiki is another way of staying organized, however, the fact that an outside person can change the way information is written and read, I personally wouldn’t use it to stay organized.

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