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After watching this video my view of blogs has become more broad.  I use blogs all the time, to find obscure information, look up reviews on products, and especially to find how to fix my computer.  After watching  the video I now know that I myself am a blogger  by having and writing on facebook. I also never thought of all blogs being a form of news, actually,  I thought many of them were just a collection of useless information that someone would have to be crazy to sit and read. As the video says “These blogs appeal to a high number of small audiences.”  This is something that can also be harmful. If you constantly read a blog and consider the writer of the blog to be a trusted source of information, who is there to stop you from believing something the writer puts up that is completely off the truth. I am not saying that the big news companies are always telling the truth, I just think we need to be careful.

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  1. m lawson says:

    Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. One would think this to be true of accurate information based on the nature of blogs and wiki’s. All this information floating around and no one knows just how reliable it really is. I guess caution is in order but in my experience with both blogs and wikis there is a wealth of good, reliable information available. The really great thing about the two is that they’re written by everyday folk with the same everyday problems and interest as you. Whats the best way to fix a wobbly table, why wont the freezer part of my refrigerator get cold, how do I trouble shoot my off brand name laptop? Blogs and wikis cover it all.

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