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Today’s summary, and assignments for Wednesday 10/30

Today we discussed searching (and finding!) in library catalogs. We discussed the CUNY library catalog, the Library of Congress Classification Outline, WorldCat, and reviewed LibX, a browser add-on to make your searching more efficient.

On Wednesday, we’ll discuss searching in library databases. Please read Badke, chapter 5 (pp. 94-120). Since databases have great potential for your discover of relevant, high-quality scholarly sources, here is a quick preview:

Remember, the due date for the annotated bibliography is now Friday, November 1. Please email your assignment to me as an attachment by noon that day

The Struggles

Research is often tedious, as it refreshing. Some difficulties that I found as I work was obtaining various court cases and documents (primary sources). When the media reports on Copyright Infringement, often, names are left anonymous and sentencing is also left in the dark. Thus, in order to successfully correlate infringement punishment and morality, obtaining court documents is a necessity. It is painstaking but its almost completed.

A strategy that I found exceptionally useful is the use of narrowing search parameters. Using “AND” frequently in search engines and databases has garnered better results than simply searching for a broad topic.