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As internet become more accessible to society the use of it grows also .The thing we mostly use it for in my opinion is to search, but how is this information compiled? who is the one to say this is more relevant than that? Elizabeth Liddy breaks down to us how a search engine works but doesn’t go into depth on why it works that way and if that method it is built on is more beneficial to the consumers who search. i have experienced  negative results on a specified search countless numbers of times and i’m at the point where i ask when does change begin

Organizing the Internet.

How does someone navigate the internet? With countless web pages, digital information can only be organized by digital software. This digital software is a tool used to help us get the data we need, but just like any tool, it is only as good as its user. Badke explains how to effectively use a search engine to accurately pinpoint the data we need. Agostini’s article tells us how branding effects our searching. Where international companies spend large sums of money to make them more relevant in our searches. Liddy teaches us about the steps a search engine takes to deliver our data requests. The internet is growing, and new search software is being made. We are in the middle, learning how to master the two.