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A Vague Term: Sept 23th

The term “Big Data” is a vague term that is used carelessly in our society today. But this term means three different things. The first thing is that it is a bunch of technologies put together which is all the old and new sources of data such as Web pages, browsing habits, sensor signals, social media, GPS location data from smartphones, genomic information and surveillance videos. Second, it is a potential revolution in measurement. And third, it is a point of view, or philosophy, about how decisions will be — and perhaps should be — made in the future(from text of Sizing up big data, Broadening beyond the internet). Even though we use big data in companies and security,what else can we use big data for?

Is it reliable? Does it provide us with proper facts?

If it does become a revolution in measurement, will it be a good thing? A bad thing? How will we benefit from it?