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Bonsai Technology

Human beings started crawling, walking, running, swimming, driving, and finally flying. Content is making similar progress from being physical to now digital. Meikle and Young undoubtedly recognize the way technology is changing. They recognize these powerful changes and understand we play a valuable role in the way we choose to cook and digest our communication’s technology. A few examples can be seen by Sean Poynton Brna talking about MP3’s being “burgers” and “vinyl”s being steaks, if our quality of music is being downgraded by MP3’s compression technology. Ben Sisario writes about a music downloading service Muve, making phones with their program, and the monthly cell phone bill including downloading fees. The last example is music artist still need record labels in Serona Elton’s article. Do artist self release their albums digitally, or do they need a label behind them handling every detail for them. We are capable of controlling technology, the question is in which direction we will head? Like a Bonsai tree we must shape technology using the knowledge we have.