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“The naked magazine, zine.”

The truth is what we all seek. Which brings us to the question what is the truth? Humans absorb information everyday and we filter what is logical from illogical. The idea is some of us are well more informed then others when it comes to filtering data. Our filters have a foundation created by who ever raised us. Then it is the world that we interact with that really structures our information filtering. Thomas Eland touches on this, suggesting we should question our information suppliers, and look at alternative media to be well informed. Fred Wright, gives us a history of zine always being an alternative media. People have personal ideas, they wish to voice. Zine gives us a easy opportunity to nakedly express our ideas. “Zines 101 – A Quick Guide to Zines,” is evidence to the easy process of creating and sharing your idea. In my opinion, the truth is what we believe and how long we believe it for.