Summary of today 11/18 and reading/homework for Wednesday 11/20

Today we wrapped up our discussion of Hauptman and the many reasons we document and cite. We discussed the various standards and styles of citation, and you all worked in small groups to invent your own citation style for an article, website, eBook, online video, or online image, chosen from the slides for today. On Wednesday we’ll wrap up that discussion, so groups should come prepared to discuss the piece they chose and to demonstrate the citation style they invented to document it.

On Wednesday we’ll begin our discussion of process documentation, which will be a large part of the online documentation project due at the end of the semester. Please read the following 2 articles, available via the library’s electronic databases:

Edge, Write it down! The importance of documentation

Robinson, Documentation Dilemmas

Your research paper draft is due by 10 a.m. on Thursday, November 21, sent to me as an email attachment.

~Prof. Leonard

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