HW 09/25/13

What is copyright? A lot of us heard this word many times , but less of us know ,what it really means.Basically every original work of author has a copyrights, same at the web.I think every teacher or professor in the college has told us ,that we cant use information or works of other people from the web ,its illegal and against the law, in some private colleges people were kicked out because of copyright violence.We can use digital copies ,but cant use other people writings. We can use copyright ,but only under doctrine of fair copyright use.Even some commercial products have special label ,where is written, that their product is only for educational or private use.Educators can use copyrighted material ,only if its relevant to their topic and they should provide protection against third-party access and download.And finally,students can use copyrighted material only if they need to make some presentation or its needed in educational purpose,they can use different videos ,music to develop and discuss their topic, But they cant never copy and paste some authors ideas in their work,its illegal.

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