As internet become more accessible to society the use of it grows also .The thing we mostly use it for in my opinion is to search, but how is this information compiled? who is the one to say this is more relevant than that? Elizabeth Liddy breaks down to us how a search engine works but doesn’t go into depth on why it works that way and if that method it is built on is more beneficial to the consumers who search. i have experienced  negative results on a specified search countless numbers of times and i’m at the point where i ask when does change begin


  1. Kimesha

    I totally agree with you. It is one thing to know how something works but it is a completely different thing to understand the way it works or is supposed to work. As everyday searchers it does not matter, in a technical sense, how search engines work, we just want them to do their job, which is to find specific information. The problem arises when it is not doing that job effectively. I think that if we understood the way these various search engines work we would be able to optimize the retrieval of the information we actually need rather than settling for the information we get.

  2. Edwin Munet

    I agree with you Olynn. Search engines should be able to provide us with the information that we desire to have and not provide us with something related or completely the opposite of the desired info. But then again according to Badke we can get what we want if we know how to use a search engine. If we know the right keywords to use and how to use them in a search engine then we can most likely(note I did not say fully as in 100%) get the info that we need. And yes Olynn I did turn this into a argumentative comment.

  3. skillz1ner

    Definitely agree with you man. Even though search engines aren’t fully accurate, they do provide us with lots of relevant results, as long as it is small as possible. I am a big user of Google. Google has definitely helped me in many ways compared to BING and YAHOO. I am not sure if most results appear based on recent searches, but some people definitely get two different results. It is definitely fishy, but nonetheless, its very fast and convenient. One click of a button make life so much easier.


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