Summary of today, and assignments/reading/blogging for Tuesday 10/15 and Wednesday 10/16

Today we discussed metadata — data about data, including folksonomies and tagging, which we use on the course site, and taxonomies and controlled vocabularies (such as the Library of Congress subject headings). Slides from today are available here.

We meet on Tuesday, 10/15 and Wednesday, 10/16 of next week. On Tuesday, we will discuss search engine mechanics. Please read the following:

Badke, chapter 3
Liddy, How a Search Engine Works
Agostini, Search Engine Optimization and International Branding

Your blogging assignment is one reading response blog post.

Since we meet 2 days in a row next week, I’m posting the reading & other assignments in advance. On Wednesday, we will begin our discussion of the research process: assessing your research needs, preliminary strategies, and topic development. Please read Badke, chapter 2 and comment on one or 2 classmates’ blog posts for Wednesday. The DRAFT of your research topic proposal is due by 10 am as an email attachment to me, or turned in at the beginning of class.

Enjoy the long weekend!

~Prof. Leonard

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