Taking apart the samsung SGH-i1067

Title: Taking apart the samsung SGH-i1067 9/11.

Objective: My goal was to examine and look under mostly all the parts and examine/read all the labels. Where each different part was built. I figured out many parts were from many parts of the world. The battery for the phone was made in japan but finished off in china. Part of the phone was also built in new jersey.

Materials: Hands and fingers, mini flat head screwdriver.

Methods: To read/reach all the labels i used ether my hands/fingers or a mini flathead screwdriver to lift up certain parts of the phone such as the battery, and a few of the leds. When my fingers couldn’t reach something i used the flat head i had with me.

Results: I achieved my goal of looking under finding and reading all the different labels and locations to find out where most part of the phone were constructed. So everything essentially went the way i wanted it to.

Discussion: Orginally i figured my hands and fingers would be all the tools i would have needed for reading the labels. So i found a flat head screw driver and everything worked out perfect. If i was to do anything else id try and test the phone to see if works.-

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