A Proposal for a How to Survive College Video

Team Members:Hammed Giwa, Kathran Mayotte, Jennifer Melendez, Imran Walayat

For our on-line group project we have elected to do an information resource. It will be a how to survive college video guide geared specifically toward the students of The New York City College of Technology. We decided that we would use a video as our medium because we felt it would be more entertaining and engaging for students. There would be a link in the student’s handbook which every freshman receives, as well as a link on the college website for ease of access. The video would be posted on the college web site as well as you tube, which is a forum which many students are already familiar with. We propose to have interviews with students to get their reccomendations on the dos, and don’ts of college life here at City Tech. Our group commentator would also incorporate studying tips as well as how to achieve good study habits. We will also address  how health and wellness is a factor in the daily lives of students. We would incorporate the phone numbers and locations to the student wellness center and the learning atrium for students to have easy access to, we would include this portion as we walk to these locations so students can actually view where they are as well. The research we have done to accomplish this is in the following text.

We went on line to look for different sources for our project. We decided to use The New York City College of Technology website to assist us since our project is geared toward City Tech students. We also used the CDC’s website (Center for Disease Control) which had good articles pertaining to the health, wellness and safety of college students in general. Some of the information we incorporated were from student blogs, these students offered tips that we felt would also benefit the students of City Tech. Lastly we drew information from news paper articles which broke down the complexity of college, dispelled the negative rumors which could hinder a student’s positive progression and had commentary from students at various other college campuses.

The information that we have obtained for our project are as follows. The CDC’s website (Center for Disease Control) helped us realize how important it is for a student to maintain their health and wellness, as it is an integral part of their college success. City Tech offers a student health and wellness center which offers exercise classes, massages, free or low cost medical assistance and pamphlets which educate on nutrition, disease and prevention. The health and wellness aspect carries over to even after college is over.

As we all know the goal of college is graduation. In order for students to make it to graduation a student needs to maintain good grades. With this concept in mind, we decided to add studying tips, along with studying habits for all college students, in order for them to achieve academic success. Along with these tips and habits, we also decided to incorporate the hours and locations to the learning and tutoring centers available to student at the campus. It is essential for all college students to use the academic resources available to them at City Tech. The learning centers have a great amount of computers available for student to do research, homework, papers and other activities. It is very essential for students to as seek help when they need it. There are many tutors available to help students in all different types of subjects.

We also decided to incorporate tips of things one should do to help themselves survive in college. We have decided to use newspapers whether it is other colleges or other major publications due to the fact that it is another medium that is often overlooked by college students. They are usually written by professional journalists who have done their research on the topic they are writing about. This information will be acted by students in the video to explain on the various tips. This will make it relatable to them.

Another research means we used for our project were blog posts, these helped us to gather tips on things not to do in college. The reason we used blog post as one of our sources is because some of the people who post these blogs are actual students who been through this experience. So the information from the blogs are realistic and students can relate to them. The benefits of students knowing tips of things not to do, will keep them on the right track in getting through college.

The research we have done has given us the information we needed to propose to create an informative video that has the potential to help fellow students on their journeys here at City Tech.





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