Candies and BonBons Week 3

Hello everyone!  I want to take this time to thank everyone for their hard work and pushing through this heat.  I know it is not the greatest, working in such a hot classroom but we made the best of it.  We did experience a few bumps along the way but don’t look at that as a negative thing but more of a positive learning experience.

Production for today consisted of different flavors of Turkish Delights, Halvah and Meltaways.  The Turkish Delights were produced by teams A and D; one team made the rose water delights while the other made orange flavored delights.  The Halvah was made by teams B and C.  We did have a small hiccup with the first batch of Halvah made.  It was just overmixed which resulted in a stiff/crumbly batch but the taste was still very delicious.  All teams produced different varieties of Meltaways.  The heat was not too kind to our chocolates but they all still came out tasting amazing!  Team A made the mint Meltaways, Team B made the peanut butter Meltaways, Team C made the green tea Meltaways and finally Team D made the Praline Meltaways.

Plating for Rose Water Turkish Delights with Pistachios

Plating for Green Tea Meltaways

Plating for Peanut Butter Meltaways

Plating for Praline Meltaways

Plating for Mint Meltaways

Plating for Orange Turkish Delights

Mixing in the food coloring and flavor for the Rose Water Turkish Delights

Turkish Delights after panning

Dusting the Turkish Delights

Assembly line for the Meltaways (scoring, cutting, dusting)

Panning the Marble Halvah

The Marble Halvah panned

Green Tea Meltaways (while setting)

Scored/Cut Green Tea Meltaways

The Meltaways after dusting with sugar

The finished Orange Turkish Delights



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