Paired Color Identities

Value-Added Portraits

“Achromatic grays”

This assignment was sorta a challenge for me. We used achromatic grays to create a visual hierarchy, somethings that tricks your eye. Using many kinds of grays and whites by adding or reducing the value, this was the result. Overall, this was a fun assignment.

High Key and Low Key

Topographic Map

Keep on rockin'

So i decided to create something different from my legato and staccato design. I was listening some punk music and that’s where i got the idea! Topographic maps are lines to show the elevation change of mountains, river, etc. So i said to myself, mountains are made by rocks, why not use Rock(genre) on rocks(minerals)! I used the rock hand symbol to represent a random mountain. I also used the veins to represent rivers.

View From My Window

From the second floor of my house, all I see through my window an apartment building across my house. Although a dead tree is on the way of my sight. A fire hydrant is there too. My street seems to be quiet for today. Not surprised. It has been like this since I moved here. Lines and rectangles are mostly what takes part from my view. So far there’s not a car parked. Kind strange.
The windows are square. All the same size. The garbage trash has an oval shape. The sidewalk are designed in a rectangle shape.