Resource/Item Details/Description Source Value
iMac Computer/Workstation Owned $2,300
Macbook Laptop Owned $1,100
Logic Pro X Audio Recording Software Owned $200
Motu Ultralite (audio interface) 2- channel Audio Interface Borrowing from Citytech $600
M-Audio MIDI Keyboard Digital keyboard with usb out Owned $99
Fender Bass Gtr Owned $199
Fender Electric Gtr Owned $1,200
Condenser mic (AKG C414) Borrowing from Citytech $1,000
Mackie studio monitors Studio speakers Owned $99
Samson headphones Owned $20
TRS Cables/Instrument Cables Owned $50
Copyright Legal documentation of registration Online $50
Midi cables Borrowing from Citytech $10
TOTAL $6,927