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Wikipedia Questions

  1. How do you create your first Wikipedia article?
  2. What are the types of Wikipedia articles I will be writing about?
  3. How do you become comfortable writing your first Draft?
  4. What are the Wikipedia articles that we will be writing about?
  5. What if you’re not good at writing Wikipedia articles?


Daiane Bushey | Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

Theme: Industry in Vinegar Hill, particularly focusing on the Navy Yard.


1- The City Concealed: Brooklyn Navy Yard (video)

Besides the links to the video, I also have it downloaded.

This is a short documentary about the history of the Navy Yard produced by Tom Vigliotta. I chose to include it on my research because it contains many historical images and an interview with a woman that used to be an employee of the Yard around the time of the Second World War.

2- Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal Map Division, The New York Public Library. “Plan for New york City. 1969. A proposal. 3 Brooklyn. New York City planning commission.” The New York Public Library Digital Collections.


This is a map of the Downtown Brooklyn area colored to specify the land use policy. That is a great resource because it shows how industrialized the area was by the time the map was published (1969).

3- How The Brooklyn Navy Yard Has Become The National Model For Creating Manufacturing Jobs (video)

This video appears embedded on an article published on the Business Insider Website on February 2012. The video was produced by Robert Libetti and Kamelia Angelova.

I think this is a great complementary resource to the first video I chose. While the first video focus on the history of the Navy Yard, this second video tells us what is currently happening on the site that used to be the Navy Yard and what are the perspectives for the future.

4– Snyder-Grenier, Ellen M. Brooklyn!: An Illustrated History. Philadelphia: Temple UP, 1996. Print.

 This book contains a compilation of images and a study on Brooklyn history. In particular, the chapter titled The Brooklyn Navy Yard: A Mirror Brooklyn’s Industrial Rise can be a good contribution for my research because it does analyze a pattern of industrial decline in Brooklyn in 1960’s. It tells the story of how the Navy Yard and other industries had their productivity peaks during the World War II but then closed a generation later.

5- The Struggle to Preserve the Brooklyn Navy Yard


This is an article written by Marc Santora and published on the New York Times website on May 2010.

That is a relevant secondary source because it adds the perspective of specialists on the case of preservation of the Navy Yard and information about the cost of the constructions and the negotiation with the city government.


Wikipedia Questions

  1. Does every fact in the article we write need to have an in-text citation, or does the source just need to appear in the references?
  2. Are we allowed to add something to an article that we cannot find a credible source to back up, but we know is a fact from our experiences?
  3. Is there a limit to the amount of information and categories we can add to our article?

Anna Ye’s Wikipedia post

What three questions do you have about researching, writing, and editing Wikipedia articles? Or, what three things do you most need to know before you begin to research, write, and edit?

  • What is the rules/guidelines for writing the summary of a page?
  • Is there a limit in the kind of photos/charts/graphs are used in a post?
  • What format (.gif, .png) and size should the images be in, so they can be properly uploaded?

Wikipedia | OpenLab

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Blogging assignment for Monday 11/16

On Wednesday, November 18 our Wikipedia specialist, Prof. Ann Matsuuchi from LaGuardia Community College, will conduct a Wikipedia workshop on writing and editing articles and using the Sandbox and Talk pages. Please complete the student training before Wednesday’s class. For Monday, please write one blog post in response to the following:

What three questions do you have about researching, writing, and editing Wikipedia articles? Or, what three things do you most need to know before you begin to research, write, and edit?

I’ll start: How do I make an Infobox appear at the top right of an article, and what information should appear there?
How do I create a Table of Contents in an article, and how do I make the categories link to the content in the article?
How do I determine categories that appear in the table of contents?

~Prof. L.